The stalls are a special attraction of the Beach Arts Music Event. Different types of artists from QLD open stalls where they showcase their artwork. People explore these artworks and purchase a lot of stuff. This helps the artists to earn some money but more importantly, such exposure help to improve their overall business and promote the art in the Australian community. By taking permission from the organising committee, anyone can open a stall at our event. But make sure that you do not wait for the last moment because we give stalls on a first-come, first-serve basis. Apart from the artwork, you will find various food stalls, games and other activities stall in our events. Here is a list of the most common types of stalls you will find at our events.


It is the most common art form in Australia, and thus, there are hundreds and thousands of artists who aspire to become famous painters. If you visit the stalls in our events, you will find all kinds of painting, which includes oil painting, watercolour, pastel, spray, ink wash painting and many more. People purchase these exceptional paintings to decorate the walls of their homes.


People can also find different types and sizes of sculptures in the stalls of our events. These are usually made using stone, wood, clay, metal, plaster, and Ivory. The sculptures exemplify the skills and sense of perfection of the artists. These are not overpriced, so more and more people can have them. You can also purchase a piece from the stall to decorate your home.


It is another genre of art that is not very common. Not many people have the skills to make beautiful designs and sculpture out of metal. However, you will find such mesmerising metal crafts in the stalls of our events. It requires a lot of skills, time, experience and cost to build such crafts. Therefore, you will find them a little costly in comparison to other artworks.

Wood Craft

It is another type of woodwork that you will find in the stalls of our event. For boxes and decorative pieces to toys for kids and cooking tools, you will find several types of wooden items in our event. Woodcraft is time-consuming and difficult, but the finishing products look amazing. It is one of the most common artworks that is you will always find at our events.

Live Pottery

Pottery is one of the oldest forms of art. In Beach Arts Music Events, you will find many stalls with live pottery. You can not only purchase various items but can also experience the thrill and fun of pottery. Witness the magnificent skills of the potters and how easily they make the clay items. Stall with live pottery attracts a lot of people.

Live Sketching

Like live pottery, live sketching is also an attraction of or music events. The people sit in front of the artists for around 30 to 45 minutes and get their portrait sketches. It takes a lot of skills to make such sketches, and everyone wants to have such sketches. If you are in Queensland and want to have such a sketch, visit our event with your family.


Photography is another common stall that you will find at all our events. In these stalls, you will see different types of photographs that are framed and would be ideal for your walls. These include street photography, nature photography, portraits, abstracts, and many more. If photography is your passion, then you can also learn several tricks from the photographers in our event.


It is one of the most elegant arts, which is extremely common. If you are interested in high-quality embroidery work, then you need to attend our upcoming events in QLD. You will come across many stalls where people are selling their embroidery work at a reasonable price.

Food Stalls

At Beach Arts Music Event, you will find an extensive range of food stalls that include snacks, fries, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and many other types of food items. You will also get all kinds of drinks. So, you can experience the live performances of the singers and bands while enjoying delicious food with your preferred drinks.

Games and Activities

Apart from different types of artwork, food and drink, you will find various games and other activities in the stalls. These things will not only keep your kids busy while parents can focus on the live performance, stalls, foods and drinks. These games and activities include dart games, toy car rides, ring bottles and many other similar activities.

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