Beach Arts Music Event takes place throughout the year. If you want to know about the dates of the upcoming events, it becomes easier for you to plan your visit with your friends and family. Whether you like pop music, jazz, rock, classic, country music, individual performance or bands, you will witness everything in our musical events. Emerging artists along with local singers and musicians take part in our events to make them highly entertaining. We organise our events near the beaches of Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and other similar places in Queensland. Here is a detailed list of upcoming Beach Arts Music Event that follows a different theme every time. Let’s have a look!

Rock Wonderland

1st August, Gold Coast

We are organising Beach Arts Music Event by the name Rock Wonderland. In this event, all the emerging stars of rock music will participate from different parts of Queensland, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and other regions of the country. So make sure that you visit this event with your friends who are fond of the Rock genre. There will be many more things to explore in this event like handicrafts, games, food, drinks etc.

Beachside Oasis

14th August, Brisbane

In this event, our audience will experience soothing country music. Here also, various individual artists as well as the band will participate and will try to gather as much appreciation from the audience as possible. Become a part of this relaxed atmosphere with some delicious food and drinks. Bring your chairs and rugs with you to get the feeling of a family get together. The event will take place near the beach of Brisbane.

Music Mania

27th August, Sunshine Coast

At this event, there will be all kinds of music for our audience. From rock, pop, and jazz to country music and classic, you will find everything here. A large number of young artists and bands have applied for the event. If you are a music lover and do not prefer any particular genre, you will thoroughly enjoy this particular event. It will take place near the beach of Sunshine Coast, so make sure you attend the event.

Grove Pop

1st September, Gold Coast

As the name suggests, this event will be on the pop music theme. So, if you are a pop music lover, this event will entertain you thoroughly. Pop music is a popular genre in Australia, so there are several singers, musicians and bands who follow pop music, and you will enjoy the event. Apart from the music, you can also look for some excellent pieces of artwork in the stall and food variety.

Country Paradise

6th September, Brisbane

You may have listened to country music on television, radio, etc., but you can experience the live performance of country music in our upcoming Beach Arts Music Event. The event will take part in Brisbane, where numerous seasoned singers, musicians will participate. Country music has its own beauty and calmness that you won’t find anywhere else. Attend the event with your family and experience music of a different era.

Legendary Classic

13th September, Gold Coast

Australian Classic music has its own fan base. It might not be as popular as Rock or Pop, but many prefer to listen to classic tracks. We are organising this event by the name of legendary classic, and it is expected to become a memorable event. Many young singers and bands will try to impress their audience with talent and knowledge about classic music. There will be a lot of artwork to explore.

Divine Music

22nd September, Bundaberg

This event will be very entertaining and exciting because you will get all flavours of music. From classic and country music styles to rock bands, pop music and many more, you will find all kinds of artists in this event. The number of artists will not be limited to music only. In our stall, you will get a chance to explore various other art forms, including painting, sculpture, handicraft, etc. Attend this event with your friends and family.

New Wave

2nd October, Brisbane

This Beach Arts Music Event will be organised by the name of ‘new wave’ where you can experience different types of music here. It will include Indigenous music of Australia, folk music, hip hop, jazz, early music, etc. Many young and talented musicians will participate in this event to entertain the audience. Attend this event in Brisbane, QLD, with your friends and family to experience a completely different type of music.

Let's Rock

10th October, Gold Coast

In this event, you will experience alternative urban music and hard rock, which is usually preferred in Australia. As the event is a couple of months away, the individual artists and bands from Gold Coast and other parts of Queensland still have time to send their requests. We will update information about this event after one month about the volunteers and how to apply for the stalls. This event is also expected to become a successful one, so make sure you attend it.

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