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Beach Arts Music Event

Witness one of the unique music events in Australia! BAME is a free community event that takes place at the beautiful beaches of Queensland!

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Upcoming Key Events

1st August

Rock Show

27th August

Music Mania

6th September

Country Paradise

Blend of Music and Art

What it offers

Beach Arts Music Event is different from other music events that take place in Brisbane, Gold Coast, etc. It is because the event not only focuses on promoting the talent of the young talented artists and bands in Queensland but also provide a platform where the different form of art get exhibited. We organise different stalls for the people, where they showcase different art forms, including photography, painting, statues, handicraft, pottery, and many more. Therefore, this excellent event allows people of QLD to connect with the different forms of music and Australian art.

The Best Music Event

For All Music Lovers

Beach Arts Music Event is an extremely popular music event in Queensland. It not only attracts the locals but also music lovers from various parts of the state as well as the country. Whether you love Pop music, Rock, Classic, Country songs, or anything else, you will find all kinds of live music at this event. To know about our upcoming events, you can visit the event page. From famous singers to young and local bands participate in this event. This event is a paradise for music lovers, so make sure you witness this event with your friends and family. Enjoy the live performances along with delicious foods and drinks.

Community events are perfect to meet people and make new friends. At Beach Art Music, we emphasise more on creative and entertaining aspects that can bring colour and happiness in your life. The best part is that there is a free entry to the live music event. You can bring your friends, loved ones and children to experience the power of music. Make sure you do proper arrangements for the sitting. Bring your own chairs if you want to sit down and enjoy the entire concert. We can make this event a memorable one by unveiling local and hidden talents. You can also come by yourself to groove to the tunes of the music artists and make new friends! We promote the local talent in this event by giving the young and talented artists a chance to perform after taking their audition. The stage is then theirs to showcase their talents and engage the audience with their compelling music. This is a good way to engage more youngsters in the community and get more people to appreciate musical talent. This event also helps provide musicians and bands a platform to showcase new tunes or albums they may have been working on. Many families will glow with pride after seeing their loved ones perform on stage at this event! This event takes place throughout the year at different places in Queensland, including Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, so more and more people can get involved in it.

We Need Volunteers

As BAME is a free community event, we always require the help of the volunteers to carry out the event in the best possible manner. From making arrangements for the live music and coordinating with the artists to manage the people and organising stalls, the volunteers need to focus on different tasks simultaneously. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in our upcoming event, you can contact our organising committee in advance, because the preparation of the event starts more than a week before the day of the event. People between the age group of 20 and 40 years from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and other places of QLD can apply as volunteers for our events. It will be a learning experience for the young volunteers who develop several skills, which will help them in the future.

Recent Events

Best band of Australia
1st July
Some highly talented bands participated in this event.

Solo Artists
28th June
This event was for the singers, who like to perform solo.

Rock and Pop Combo
15th June
The event was the perfect blend of Rock and Pop music.

Country Music Lovers
26th March
This event was organised particularly for the country music overs.

Ideal Platform to Showcase Your Art

Singing and music are not the only forms of art; there are many more. The beauty of the Beach Arts Music Event is that it gives all the artists a chance to show their pieces of work to people. The singer and musicians will show their talent through the performance and live show. For other artists, we have made other arrangements. In this event, you will find more than hundreds of stalls, which will basically act as a hub of art. From photography, pottery and metalwork art to sculptures, handicrafts and painting, you will find an extensive range of artwork in these stalls. You will also get a chance to explore different kinds of foods and drinks at this event.

Artists of Upcoming Events

Alyssa Carey

Nicola Perry

Adam Haynes

Olivia Perry

Enjoy the Event with Friends and Family

Beach Arts Music Event is a perfect place in QLD to visit with your friends and family to experience a memorable day. The relaxed and entertaining atmosphere allows you to sit back and enjoy a live performance of the singers and bands along with different food items and drinks. You can also explore different art forms in the stalls and purchase as many things as you want to decorate your house. If you are with your kids, you will find different games and activities to keep them busy. Make sure you go to this event in Queensland with your family because you don’t get a chance to experience such a thing every other day.

Message of BAME Organising Committee

“We would like to invite all the people of Queensland with their friends and family to our upcoming Beach Arts Music Event and make it a successful one. Let’s together promote the young talented artists of Australia and appreciate their piece of work. In this event, you will be able to enjoy different genres of music through the live performance of young and dynamic singers and various bands. Moreover, you can also explore different other art forms, including handicraft, sculpture, painting, sketches, photography, metal craft and many more. The objective of this platform is to provide entertainment to people, spread the art of the country, and help the artist reach the next level.”

Participate in the Event

If you believe that you have what it takes to perform in front of a crowd, you can contact us. We have a team of experts in Queensland who will see your performance, and if you get a nod, you are most welcome to perform in our next event. Not only that, but we will also contact you for our other upcoming events. All you need to do is to send your performance through your email. As you will get a chance to perform with other experienced and popular artists, it will be an excellent opportunity for you. To know more, read our participation page.

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