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Upcoming Key Events

Rock Show 1st August
Music Mania 27th August
Country Paradise 6th September

Blend of Music and Art

What it offers

BAME is an unmatched musical journey that covers cities like Brisbane and Gold Coast in Queensland. The event includes performances from well-known musicians and young and upcoming artists to give the audience the perfect mix of the symphony. We also invite bands and artists who have not found a platform to showcase their skills and talent to the world and allow them to reach a lively audience. Performing at BAME helps them get instant recognition, and their voices and music compositions resonate throughout the country. The event has many other attractions for the audience, such as food stalls and stalls that showcase various art forms, including photography, painting, sculptures, handicraft, pottery, and much more. The family-friendly event is a must-visit if you are a fan of music and art and enjoy live music.


The Best Music Event

For All Music Lovers

Beach Arts Music Event is one of the most sought-after events in Queensland. It brings together people from all across the country who wish to enjoy music in its true sense. BAME presents an ensemble of artists who dole out renditions from every genre. You can listen to everything ranging from Rock and Pop to Country, Jazz and Blues at this memorable event. All the gigs in the coming months have been listed on this page, and you can become a part of the audience without any effort. Besides listening to your favourite songs, music, and artists, you can shop around and devour delicious foods to make the most of the extravaganza.

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Visiting BAME with your loved ones gives you the opportunity to meet and greet new people from different walks of life. The whole concept of the event is to give music lovers an avenue to celebrate with like-minded people. BAME intends to provide the perfect spot, setting and atmosphere for musicians, music aficionados and beginners to come together and have a gala time. Also, you don’t need to pay for the live music events. You can walk into the arena and enjoy the live session without paying any money. It doesn’t get better than this! So, you can bring a large group to get grooving on the tunes of some of the best songs of all time. The best part is that this event helps many local and young artists to showcase their talent in front of a large audience. When you support a local band or singer, it makes a great impact on the community and encourages other artists to follow suit. While dancing and singing with the crowd, you can make new friends who can become your event buddies. Also, BAME aims to get more and more people involved in the music scene of Queensland by promoting the event. Over the years, many renowned music bands have started to participate in the event to leverage its popularity. Many of them choose BAME to launch their albums or new records because of the vast majority of the audience visiting the events. Since the live shows are planned across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, it becomes easy to tap into the busy markets of Queensland.

We Need Volunteers

A drummer during the performance

The Beach Arts Music Event is one of the biggest events in the state of Queensland. With so many gigs taking place across the major cities of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, it becomes challenging to manage things. Also, the free entry feature makes it even busier and brimming with people. Although we have enough security measures in place, we need volunteers to manage the stalls and the public. With few hands on deck, it can become chaotic for the audience as well as the organisers. Thus, we build a team of volunteers who love music and want to manage things in an event for an experience of a lifetime.

Recent Events


Solo Artists

28th June

Searching for solo performances? Look no further!


Rock and Pop Combo

15th June

A combination of Rock and Pop music will enliven your senses.


Country Music Lovers

26th March

Country music tops the charts because of its stunning vibe.


Best band of Australia

1st July

Listen to the compositions of the most renowned bands in the country.

Ideal Platform to Showcase Your Art


At Beach Arts Music, we value art in all its forms. Whether it is music, dance, singing, photography, sculpting, playing an instrument, pottery, painting, etc., we take pride in showcasing all types of talent at our events. Thus, we invite talented people who follow different artistic pursuits to give them an ideal platform to present their genius. The BAME live shows are filled with endless entertainment for people of all age groups because we have scrumptious food, luscious beverages, musical shows, stalls by upcoming sculptors, photographers, potters, and more. It becomes a celebration of different art forms and makes people take notice of their talent. If you have a hidden talent or have created a collection of your work, you can showcase it at any of the musical nights in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast.

Artists of Upcoming Events

A singer playing guiter and singing

Alyssa Carey

A singer during live performance

Nicola Perry

Adam Haynes

Adam Haynes

A singer is singing

Olivia Perry

Enjoy the Event with Friends and Family

A drummer during the performance

If you are looking for a reason to rejoice with your near and dear ones, you can forget about the usual hotspots and head straight to BAME. It offers the best music, food and entertainment all in one place without any entry fee. Also, it is the best place to bring your children without thinking twice. It is a good way to expose them to new forms of music and enjoy beautiful renditions as a live audience in a huge gathering. It will be an experience that they will remember forever. The event also has several games and activities for the youngsters who wish to get involved in some fun and frolic.

Message of BAME Organising Committee

Crowd cheering during live performance

The BAME organising committee is dedicated to serving the cause of promoting the growth of music and arts in Queensland. We work together with communities in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast to help capable and gifted individuals make their mark. Thus, we encourage people from across the country to visit the event and cheer for emerging artists who are waiting to reach a wider audience. We also give small businesses a chance to sell their products, food items and drinks by putting up their stalls at the event. It aids in increasing their sales and making the community take notice of their products. We strive to make the whole event a wholesome way of entertainment and fulfilment for all participants.

Participate in the Event

Crowd cheering in an event

We are always on the lookout for fresh and upcoming musicians and artists who want to become big stars. We provide a stepping stone to them by creating a stage that covers cities across the state and entices a vast population. If you are a musician, singer, instrumentalist, or composer, you can take your work to the next level by contacting us. We will listen to your demo and inform you about your performance slot if you get selected. We will stay in touch with you and create a calendar for your performances at the BAME. It is the best way to gain recognition and present your talent to the world.