This free community event will become successful only when artists and audiences will participate in large numbers. Therefore, we want to promote our Beach Arts Music Events as much as possible. As a result, people from every part of Queensland, like Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast, will know about it. As the events will be organised at different places, it will be easier for artists and the common public of that area to attend the events. If you are interested in participating in the events, you should know everything about the participation process and what you can expect from it. Let’s read everything in detail.

Participate in Music Event

Beach Arts Music Event is an ideal platform for the young, talented and emerging singers, musicians and bands, who perform in QLD. It will give you the much-needed exposure to performing professionally in front of the crowd. If you can perform brilliantly, you will increase your fan base, which will further increase your fame. That will help you to get some musical shows in future. It will be a great experience where you can learn several things and further develop your skills. If you want to participate in our upcoming event, you need to pass an audition that our experts will conduct. Although this event is a free community event, we make sure that the standard of live performances is up to the mark. So, our experts will see if you have what it’s required to perform on a stage in front of crow. For that, you need to send a clip of your performance through the mail with your basic details like name, address, contact number, the event in which you want to perform and so on. If our experts find your performance satisfying, you will perform in our many upcoming events.

Participate as Volunteer

To carry out the event in a smooth manner, we require a lot of volunteers. From coordinating with the singers and bands, looking after the technical side of the performance, managing the audience, helping people organise hundreds of stalls, and updating about the event on social media, volunteers have so many tasks to perform. More than 200 volunteers of different age groups are associated with us as it is a community event, and they are from different parts of Queensland like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, etc. The volunteers participate when we organise the event in their respective areas. That is why we need more volunteers.

If you want to participate as a volunteer, then all you need to do is contact us, and our organising committee members will get back to you. You can share basic details like name, age, location, education, skills and so on. This information will help the committee to decide your role in the event. Participation in the event will develop your several skills. Many of our volunteers have joined some reputed event management companies across Australia.

Want to Apply for Stall

The best thing about the Beach Arts Music Event is that we allow hundreds of artists of different genres to open stalls to exhibit their pieces of work. It is one of the attractions of our event and extremely popular among the audience. These stalls include artwork like handicrafts, metal crafts, painting, sketches, photographs, sculptures, and many other types. There are also stalls for different types of delicious food and drinks, games and other activities to give our event a carnival feel. The main objective of providing these stalls to the artists is to promote a different form of arts and help the artists to grow their business.

As it is a free community event, our organising committee does not charge for the stall. However, all the artists need the permission of the BAME Committee before opening a stall. As there is a lot of competition to open a limited number of stalls, we allot the stalls on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, all you need to do is to contact the committee at the earliest and share all the details like your name, location, contact details and what kind of artists you are. The members will do some verification and will allow you to open a stall at our event.

Want to Attend as Audience

To participate in the event as the audience, all you need to do is to visit the place with your friends and family. We will request all our audience to bring the chair and rugs with them as there won’t be any sitting arrangements. It will give you a feeling of a picnic with your near and dear ones. Enjoy some amazing live performances while having delicious food and drinks. There will be a lot of stalls of food where you will find different types of snacks and drinks. For the kids as well as youngsters, there will be many games and fun activities. On top of that, if you are interested in any form of art, you will find an extensive range of artwork in a different stall. Beach Arts Music Event is unique, where you will find a blend of all art forms.

Our Patrons